Bio-IT World Conference & Expo

Boston, MA | May 16-18, 2023

Get Genomic Intelligence for
Rare Disease and Cancer

High-throughput technologies have transformed how we research the roles of genes and other biomolecules in the context of disease. But the sheer volume of data being produced also complicates the process of identifying meaningful disease biomarkers and actionable insights. Genetic evidence from the scientific literature can help you prioritize features that might otherwise be lost in big data.

Learn how to you can leverage genomic intelligence from Genomenon to:

  • Understand mechanisms of genetic disease and discover genetic biomarkers for Identification and validation of new drug targets at scale
  • Streamline regulatory approvals for label expansion of indications to optimize your investment in new therapeutics
  • Determine trial selection criteria and detailed patient profiles to better classify responders and non-responders

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Stop by Booth 703 to chat with our team at Bio-IT and learn how Genomenon can help you leverage the power of genomic evidence in your program. Schedule a meeting now to reserve time with one of our AI experts.

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The Genomenon Team at Bio-IT World

Dave Anstey
Dave Anstey VP, Sales and Business Development

Sam Kim
Sam Kim Director, Business Development

Brent Lutz
Brent Lutz Product Manager

Greg Michalski
Greg Michalski Sr Account Executive

Trendspotting: What’s Coming for Bio-IT in 2023

Bio-IT World Best of Show 2023

The 2023 Best of Show Awards offer exhibitors of the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo an exclusive opportunity to distinguish and highlight their products, whether an innovative application, technology, tool, or solution.

Bio-IT World Best of Show 2023

The Bio-IT World community is invited to identify exceptional innovation in technologies used by life science professionals, voting on most impactful new products of the year. Genomenon has two new products in the running for this year’s award competition:

Disease Prevalence
For companies targeting rare diseases, this new curated dataset and report provides a more complete understanding of the genetic prevalence of autosomal recessive (AR) diseases. It combines Genomenon’s Mastermind® Genomic Language Processing (GLP) technology and proprietary curation tools, and exhaustive knowledgebase of human genomic evidence, with our highly specialized genomic curation services to estimate the genetic prevalence of AR rare diseases.
Mastermind Discovery
Mining the scientific literature to find the relevant evidence and develop useful insights specific to a scientific hypothesis is a time-consuming, often frustrating task when performed using general search tools. To address this need, Genomenon introduced Mastermind Discovery, an AI-powered knowledgebase of genomic data, parsed from the full body of published scientific literature. This new resource is accessible both through a web-based search application, as well as an API, making it suitable for and accessible to both biologists and data scientists.
Interested? Come see Brent Lutz at Booth #703. He can give you a demo of Mastermind Discovery–and a copy of the Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases paper on our rare disease prevalence methodology. Genomenon was honored to receive this prestigious award in 2022 for Disease Specific Curated Content and in 2019 for our Mastermind Genomic Search Engine.