Genomenon disrupted the NGS Industry by offering a free edition of the Mastermind Genomic Search Engine at the ASHG conference last month and it has announced it will extend the invitation to AMP 2017.

Attendees at November’s AMP 2017 conference have received an invitation to use the free edition of the Mastermind Genomic Search Engine. Mastermind Free Edition is available to medical professionals at clinical, research and academic institutions.  Mastermind delivers faster genomic analysis and NGS interpretation with search results directly to the genomic literature.

Mastermind is the first-in-kind genomic search engine that connects genomic data with the scientific evidence found in the medical literature. It provides a web-based search on a full complement of medical literature comprising over 5.5 million full-text genomic articles cataloging the genetic relationships to human diseases including cancer.

Through a simple query, Mastermind returns a list of prioritized, clinically relevant genomic articles. The search results include insight into gene, mutation and keyword matches for each article. Mastermind Free Edition is initially available by invitation only as the company scales its infrastructure to support a quickly growing user base. Attendees at AMP 2017 are invited to receive a subscription to Mastermind Genomic Search Engine by stopping by Genomenon Exhibitor Booth #1503 throughout the AMP 2017 conference.

Update: Jan 2018 – Mastermind Free Edition is now released for general availability.  Sign up for access to Mastermind here.