At an AMP 2017 Corporate Workshop on Wednesday, November 15th, Dr. Mark Kiel announced the details of the first automated, evidence-based pan-hematopoietic malignancy blood cancer gene panel.

Genomenon published a list of biomarker candidates for a pan-hematopoietic malignancy blood cancer gene panel.  The biomarker candidate list evidence includes prioritized literature citations for each gene candidate.

Dr. Kiel and his team mined the Mastermind Gene-Disease knowledge-base, culled from millions of scientific articles to develop an evidence-based gene list associated with leukemia and lymphoma in the scientific literature. From over 1000 candidate genes, the team narrowed the list of genes based on the number and strength of literature citations found across a broad corpus of scientific literature. The final comprehensive blood cancer gene panel has over 300 genes supported by literature citations for each gene to be included in the panel.

panel design process image
Schematic of blood cancer gene panel design process using Mastermind


Within a week, the gene panel was designed by automatically curating the scientific literature using the Mastermind Genomic Search Engine knowledge base. Candidate biomarkers were selected based on the number and strength of citations and each gene candidate was selected or rejected by manually reviewing the most relevant literature citations.

This evidence-based blood cancer gene panel, including the gene list and literature citations, was presented at Genomenon’s Corporate Workshop at AMP 2017 on Wednesday Nov 15th.  A white paper on the pan-hematopoietic malignancy gene panel is available for download from Genomenon’s website.

blood cancer gene panel biomarker spreadsheet sample
Sample of blood cancer panel design spreadsheet


A spreadsheet of the biomarker scoring and literature citations is available by contacting Genomenon.