LifeOmic has signed an agreement with Genomenon to use the Mastermind Genomic Search Engine to streamline clinical interpretation of LifeOmic’s Precision Medicine Platform for genome sequencing data.

LifeOmic is annotating disease-causing variants with citations from the relevant biomedical literature using Mastermind. By providing immediate insight into published scientific literature, Mastermind speeds the variant interpretation process to help scientists at LifeOmic decide which variants are likely associated with disease and which are likely benign.

LifeOmic is presenting “Faster, Comprehensive Variant Curation For Whole Genome Sequencing” on Wednesday, October 18th, at the ASHG conference to formally announce its partnership with Genomenon. Tom Barber, CSO at LifeOmic, will present how LifeOmic is using DNA sequencing, big data analytics and Mastermind to advance the development of precision medicine.

Read the LifeOmic Uses Mastermind Press Release.

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