The Mastermind Genomic Search Engine now includes the ability to search the genomic literature by therapy. Professional Edition users can now query our comprehensive database of genomic evidence for over 180,000 drugs, therapies, and other interventions.

Searching by therapy provides significant value for oncologists making decisions on third-line therapies, where approved drugs or clinical trials are no longer effective for a cancer patient. Finding a comprehensive list of all therapies in the medical research tied to a patient’s genetic make-up is invaluable for treating these late-stage cancer patients.

Therapeutic search is also highly useful for clinicians making diagnostic and treatment decisions for patients with rare diseases. There are currently less than 800 FDA approved therapies for over 7,000 rare diseases, leaving many patients without approved treatment options. Mastermind eliminates the time clinicians spend scouring the medical literature to find therapies associated with the patient’s genetic profile and puts the answers at your fingertips.

Here are some of the things you can do with the new Therapy search function:

  • Annotate your genetic variant search results with known therapies
  • Prioritize search results based on all possible treatment strategies
  • Determine which off-label therapies have been associated with any indication


Watch the recording of the Mastermind Masterclass on Therapies for a live demonstration and Q&A with our founders on this powerful new feature.



Try our sample search below, or make one of your own.

Disease: Melanoma, Gene: BRAF, Variant: V600E, Therapy: Vemurafenib


Searching by therapy is also supported by the Mastermind Advanced API.

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