Top Cited Genomic Variants in 2017 – Highlighting EGFR p.C797S

Original version of this post was previously published on the Enlightenbio Blog on January 1, 2018 by Brigitte Ganter. 

Dr. Mark Kiel (CSO and co-Founder at Genomenon) and Lauren Chunn (Data Processing Analyst at Genomenon) were able to mine the Mastermind database of genomic variants and analyze the trending citations of widely covered variants in the medical literature – including one of the most notable variants: EGFR p.C797S.

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First Automated Blood Cancer Gene Panel Published

At an AMP 2017 Corporate Workshop on Wednesday, November 15th, Dr. Mark Kiel announced the details of the first automated, evidence-based pan-hematopoietic malignancy blood cancer gene panel.

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