Genomic Variant Curation: “The Power of Zero”

As a parent, sometimes the most powerful answer you can give your children is “no”.
Once they know where the boundaries are, they just might stop trying to navigate the gray area to find loopholes. The same can be said for genomic variant curation.
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Mastermind API Supports Automated Variant Curation Workflows

Mastermind supports the ability to generate queries via API calls to take users to selected content in Mastermind based on disease, gene, variant and PubMed identification number (PMID). This post details how to make an API call for disease, gene, variant and/or specific article.

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An Automated Genomic Knowledge Base

The challenge of translating genomic knowledge from the medical literature into clinical insight in order to drive diagnostic decisions is the focus of Genomenon’s poster presentation at AGBT (Advances in Genome Biology and Technology) 2017 General Meeting this week in Hollywood, Florida.

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Human Curation of Genomic Variants: An Intractable Problem

Next Generation Sequencing has unleashed unprecedented growth of genomic knowledge. Read more

Automated Identification, Prioritization and Visualization of Large-Scale Genomic Data

Genomenon’s poster presented at the Association of Molecular Pathologists (AMP) 2015 Annual Meeting.

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