Genomenon CEO, Mike Klein met with Mike Maddox, host of ASK, to talk about Genomenon’s use of innovative technology to connect medical professionals with the scientific evidence they need to treat rare diseases and cancers.

The six-episode podcast can be listened to on Bottom Line I.T. for Michigan Business Network: Powering Medicine with Genomics with Mike Klein

Using Technology to Power Pharma and Clinical Genomics with Mike Klein

Billions of dollars are poured into genomic research each year. Unfortunately, many doctors struggle to access it, turning to Google search bars in order to find the information they need.

Genomenon is a genomic health IT company that connects patient DNA with the world’s most comprehensive database of genomic research.

“We want to help doctors diagnose and cure cancer patients” Mike explains, “and we want to help doctors save babies with rare diseases.”

The word Genomenon means “born out of need” in ancient Greek.

Mike explains that prior to Genomenon’s existence, a growing frustration amongst doctors – including Genomenon’s founders – was a lack of streamlined access to the vast library of genomic research out there. This left them thumbing through Google searches of medical white pages and clinical trials, and spending hours trying to determine which information was applicable to their patient or not.

This is where Genomenon becomes a total game-changer.

“We’ve built an expert system that allows us to go in and index the full text of every one of these articles, and pull out the genomic content and all the genomic associations,” Mike explains, “So if you [a patient] have a mutation that’s associated with any disease, any set of symptoms, any drugs that have been used to treat that particular disease….we pool all of that into a search engine and put that information at the fingertips of clinicians and researchers.”

To understand the value of this resource you first must understand the massive amounts of research that is currently available and new research that is conducted every year (i.e. an overwhelmingly large number with lots of zeros). Using sophisticated algorithms, Genomenon has created an information hub for doctors and researchers to access the exact data they need in an instant (which is still a modest way of putting it).

This means medical professionals spend less time performing tedious research and MORE time creating better treatment plans for their patients.

It’s impressive.

Their conversation gets even more interesting as they dig into the nitty-gritty of Genomenon’s application of technology to power their products.

Listen to the full episode HERE.