Genomic Biomarker Selection for Companion Diagnostic Development


Learn from Experts at Illumina, Gilead Sciences, Loxo Oncology, and Taiho Oncology on Leveraging NGS for CDx Testing

Molecularly targeted therapies are increasingly common in routine clinical oncology (Ersek et al., 2018). Precision molecular-based therapy often demands that patients’ underlying genetic cause of disease be determined to inform therapeutic decision-making. The intrinsic biological complexity of disease, combined with the complexity associated with exhaustive curation of clinical evidence, are barriers to efficiently and accurately identifying and confirming molecular biomarkers for inclusion/exclusion (I/E) criteria to support CDx development.

Comprehensive knowledge of the disease-associated variants, or Genomic Landscapes, supports CDx submissions by providing insight into disease-causing variants, their pathogenic mechanisms, and their actionability. By determining I/E criteria a priori, this data allows for more efficient and accurate trials, and maximizes the enrollment of patients likely to respond to therapy.

In this webinar, expert panelists from Gilead Sciences, Illumina, Loxo Oncology, and Taiho Oncology explore the utility of comprehensive Genomic Landscapes for precision medicine in oncology. Drawing on a wealth of experience in the oncology CDx space, our speakers highlight the current applications, upcoming trends, and future challenges of CDx development in the modern precision medicine era.


  • How leading pharmaceutical companies are using genomic sequencing as part of their CDx strategy
  • Challenges associated with genomic biomarker selection for CDx development,
  • The emergence of AI and machine learning-assisted technology within genomics to develop inclusion/exclusion testing criteria, and
  • The benefit of comprehensive genomic landscapes in cancer diagnosis and treatment.


David Eberhard, MD, PhD
Senior Medical Director, Oncology Diagnostics, Illumina

Abdel Halim, PharmD, PhD, DABCC
Vice President, Biomarkers and Companion Diagnostics, Taiho Oncology

Scott Patterson, PhD
Vice President, Biomarker Sciences, Gilead Sciences

Anthony Sireci, MD
Vice President, Diagnostics Development and Medical Affairs, Loxo Oncology

Mark Kiel, MD, PhD
Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Genomenon