We use specific terms to describe overlap with the searched-for CNV.
These include:

  • Exact: The listed CNV result exactly matches the genomic start and end coordinates of the searched-for CNV.
  • Contained: The listed CNV is contained within the CNV being searched. The CNV is smaller than the searched-for CNV.
  • Intersecting: The start or end position of the reported CNV is included within the searched-for CNV, but the other end is not. This can be understood further by examining start or end point, length, or gene/cytoband match.
  • Surrounding: The listed CNV starts before or at the start coordinate of the searched-for CNV and ends at or after the end coordinate. The CNV is larger than the searched-for CNV.

For each listed CNV, hovering over the “Overlap” type will display the percentage of reciprocal overlap (<1-100%) and the number of overlapping base pairs. The percentage is calculated as the number of overlapping base pairs divided by the combined [overlapping] length of the two CNVs (the smaller of the two start positions subtracted from the larger of the two end positions).

For example, all exact matches CNV in the list (if any) will have 100% overlap. All other overlap types will be less than 100%. Intersecting and surrounding CNV may vary significantly in percentage overlap. A crosshairs/target symbol next to a publication in the Articles list is indicative of an exact match.