Filter Categories are available with Mastermind Professional Edition. The purpose of the Filter Categories is to add specificity to searches by filtering in articles that mention keywords of interest.
The main keyword categories include: ACMG Interpretation, Clinical Significance, Genetic Mechanism and Significant Terms in Abstract.
Users have the ability to Enable All keywords within one or multiple categories, or select keywords individually. The number next to each term indicates the number of articles with a match for that term. Each main category also contains several sub-categories. For example, under ACMG Interpretation, there is a sub-category for Functional keywords, which in turn are divided between in vivo and in vitro categories.
The Significant Terms in Abstract category identifies keywords that are specifically associated with the search. Mastermind produces this list of custom key terms by aggregating the content of each of the articles returned, performing a word frequency calculation, normalizing this list against the rest of scientific literature, and then ordering the terms by their frequency of occurrence in the content of interest. This set of keywords are dynamic (changes based on your search) whereas the keywords in the other categories (ACMG interpretation, Clinical Significance, Genetic Mechanism) are static.