Genomenon Integrations

Mastermind is Integrated into These Trusted Solutions


Alamut Visual, powered by SOPHiA, is an exploration software application for genomic variations that integrates genomic information from different sources into one consistent and convenient environment. Mastermind is integrated into Alamut Visual.

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Congenica is a digital health technology company with the world’s leading clinical decision support platform for accelerated genomic data interpretation. Mastermind is integrated into Congenica’s software.

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GenomOncology enables real-time decision support for oncologists at the point-of-care and pathologists at the point of sequencing to accelerate oncology and bring about dramatic improvements in patient outcomes. Mastermind is integrated into Molecular Tumor Board and Pathology Workbench.

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Fabric Genomics is working to ensure precision medicine is the standard of care for all patients. Mastermind is integrated into Fabric Enterprise genomic analysis and reporting software.

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Diploid is on a mission to provide clinical labs, hospitals and nation-wide sequencing programs with the tools to diagnose every rare disease patient. Its Moon platform is the first software worldwide to use artificial intelligence for rare disease diagnostics. Mastermind is integrated into the Moon platform.

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TGex, created by LifeMap Sciences, empowers NGS analysis by highlighting associations between genes and phenotypes, providing supporting evidence for immediate evaluation and automatically generating case reports. Mastermind is integrated into TGex.

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Google Cloud helps healthcare and life sciences organizations engineer a healthier world by making their data accessible, secure, and useful as part of their digital transformation. Mastermind’s Cited Variants Reference is available as a public dataset on BigQuery.

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The UCSC Genome Browser is developed and maintained by the Genome Bioinformatics Group, a cross-departmental team within the UCSC Genomics Institute. Mastermind is integrated into the UCSC Genome Browser.

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GeneCards, created by LifeMap Sciences, is a searchable, integrated, database of human genes that provides concise genomic related information, on all known and predicted human genes. Mastermind is integrated with GeneCards.

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VarSome, created by Saphetor, is a community-driven project aiming at sharing global expertise on human variants. Saphetor has integrated Mastermind Data into VarSome, VarSome Pro, and VarSome Clinical.

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