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July 18, 2023

Blazing Trails with Actionable Genomics

Genomenon CEO Mike Klein elaborates on why it’s such an honor to receive the 2023 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Best Practices Award.

Genomenon Receives Coveted Technology Innovation Award

Each year, the well-known analytics and growth strategy firm Frost & Sullivan recognizes disruptive and transformational companies with their Best Practices awards. They apply a rigorous selection process to identify candidates that are setting new standards, achieving visionary goals, and consistently pushing limits of what’s possible. I’m proud to share that Genomenon received the 2023 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Leadership Award as the best-in-class company in the global pharma and clinical diagnostics genomics markets. It’s truly an honor to be recognized (for the second time) as an innovative leader in the highly competitive field of genomic software.

From Ambitious Startup to Award-Winning Leader

When Genomenon burst onto the life sciences scene as a new University of Michigan startup in 2014, we had a mission to make genomics information actionable for clinical diagnosis. Since then, we have grown into a genomics software and data powerhouse, serving more than 2000 genetic testing labs around the world – and a growing base of pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Our customer-focused strategy has enabled us to expand our network of clinical diagnostics clients, and helped fuel the growth of our AI-powered genomic knowledgebase. In less than 3 years, our exhaustive repository of genomic evidence from the scientific literature and relevant databases has nearly doubled in size. We have now indexed more than 9 million full-text articles and 22.4 million identified variants – and we’re adding new data all the time.

It was gratifying for me when the team at Frost & Sullivan named Genomenon its 2020 Company of the Year in clinical genomics interpretation, recognizing our proven interpretation methodology and genomic information technology. Receiving this year’s Frost & Sullivan award is further validation of the value of our unique blend of AI and genomic expertise, and our continuing innovation and leadership. Both awards underscore how Mastermind, our AI-powered genomic search engine, serves as a foundation for Genomenon’s success in both the clinical diagnostics and pharma markets. The Technology Innovation Leadership award also shines a spotlight on our sustained dedication to helping clients develop therapeutics for personalized medicine through our holistic approach to genomics interpretation and our customer-responsive practices.

A Winning Combination

What set Genomenon apart from other genomic companies vying for this award? Frost & Sullivan found that Genomenon’s unique blend of AI technology and genomic expertise empowers clinical diagnostics and drug development teams with a level of genomic intelligence that no other market player can match. As Frost & Sullivan emphasizes in their reports, technology innovation continues to be a critical success factor for the genomics software market. Their recognition of our commitment to innovation and creativity, scientific rigor and accuracy, and achieving commercial success should be no surprise to our clients, partners, and investors. I am truly excited about our plans for the future and have no doubt that we will continue to set new standards for the industry and drive advancements that will help improve the quality of life of patients with genetic disease and cancer.

Thank you, Frost & Sullivan, for recognizing us as the leader in genomic data innovation.

Read the full Frost & Sullivan Report.

Mike Klein
Chief Executive Officer
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