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Genome Interpretation Software

Scale your genome interpretation process with automated variant curation

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From patient data to report in minutes instead of hours

Improves accuracy, reduces expense, and eliminates delays

Genomenon solves the bioinformatics bottleneck of tertiary analysis


Get notified when new research is published for your variants of uncertain significance and other variants of interest.

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Genomic Variant Knowledge Base
Meta-database of genomic variants and diseases from millions of scientific articles and dozens of variant databases enabling you to rapidly identify disease-gene and disease-mutation associations from any article ever published and from within dozens of genomic variant databases.


GENOMENON has a highly experienced team that can help you perform custom analysis on multi-sample datasets.

Contact us to find how we can:
  • Help you identify candidate biomarkers for your sequencing research projects
  • Identify relevant literature for hundreds or thousands of VUS
  • Reconcile your variant database with the medical literature