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Accelerate Your Genome Interpretation

Immediate insight into millions of scientific articles from medical literature

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Accelerate your variant curation with Mastermind®



Genomic Variant Knowledge Base
Mastermind is a genomic variant search engine and visualization tool for rapid variant curation. It delivers a comprehensive knowledge base of genomic variants curated from millions of full text scientific articles, organized into clinical categories, and prioritized by the strength of disease-associations.

Mastermind dramatically reduces the time and effort required to find and prioritize the primary literature for any given disease-gene-variant combination, reducing the time pathologists and geneticists spend searching and curating articles by 80%.


Mastermind® Panel Design

Intelligent gene panel design can be a challenge because of the vast quantity of publicly-available biological information that needs to be aggregated and interpreted. Genomenon’s proprietary gene-disease-variant knowledge base and variant curation tool, Mastermind, significantly decreases the amount of time required to extract meaningful variant information from the biomedical literature.

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Genomenon has a highly experienced team that can help you perform custom analysis on multi-sample datasets.

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  • Help you identify candidate biomarkers for your sequencing research projects
  • Identify relevant literature for hundreds or thousands of VUS
  • Reconcile your variant database with the medical literature