Clinical Knowledgebase

The Clinical Knowledgebase (CKB) is the standard in evidence-based interpretation of even the most complex cancer genomic profiles.

CKB is a dynamic digital resource for interpreting even the most complex cancer genomic profiles. Used by thousands of clinicians and researchers across the globe, CKB saves time and finds valuable information that connects cancer variants to therapies and clinical trials.

In May of 2024, CKB became part of Genomenon. With the addition of CKB, Genomenon can provide an unprecedented understanding of the genome, with insights covering both germline and somatic variants, furthering its lead in the race to curate the genome.

For translational and clinical researchers, CKB provides thousands of literature citations, FDA drug labels, and clinical trials relative to a tumor’s genomic mutation or profile, resulting in a clear and up-to-date picture of discoveries and active developments for various biomarkers.

Identify new drugs and combinations of drugs that are currently being tested preclinically.

Although these therapies may not have made it to clinical trials, they may promise new options for future clinical development.

Identify possible resistance variants.

Sometimes a variant is present in a clinical sample following progressive disease, but is it driving the resistance? Using a controlled cell line expressing a presumed resistance variant and then assessing the drug resistance level can help confirm whether the variant may be predicted to cause resistance to a drug.

Identify resistance mechanisms for drug development.

If you are developing a new drug, knowing the commonly observed resistance variants that could be relevant for development may be helpful.

CKB can help increase clinician confidence in the completeness and accuracy of the information related to the patient’s tumor genomic profile, ensuring the best-informed clinical decision is made for a patient.

Navigate variant relationships and identify the highest level of evidence or relevant clinical trial(s), saving valuable time.
Identify the most appropriate therapy based on evidence level and variant tier coding.
Identify possible therapies and clinical trials for patients through category-variant relationships.

CKB Data Includes

• Gene and variant descriptions

• Drug approval status

• Resistance evidence supporting resistance to treatments by indication

• Clinical trials by indication

• Treatment approaches

• Efficacy evidence supporting response to treatment approaches by indication

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More about our plans

The public access version, CKB CORE™, encompasses 50 cancer-related genes, and every quarter, a select group of genes are exchanged, focusing on a specific theme. Users can search CKB CORE™ via gene and gene variants. The web-based, subscription version, CKB BOOST™, includes more than 2000 cancer-related genes and is designed to interrogate the knowledgebase for specific data attributes while enabling a robust browse-like feature when the desired content is unknown.

Downloadable data from CKB is available using the FLEX version. CKB FLEX delivers CKB content as a flat file or JSON, enabling CKB data integration.

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