Clinical Diagnostic Services

Variant curation and interpretation pose significant challenges from the complexity of genomic data, to the growing number of VUSs - accurate variant interpretation relies on having access to current genomic and disease literature.

Improve your Lab's Efficiency, Boost Productivity,
and Empower your Scientists

A representative study released just this year showed that bandwidth issues prevented the reinterpretation of variants nearly 25 percent of the time, impeding potential diagnosis. The question for many labs is how to address issues on bandwidth and the costs associated with expanding teams to meet the need.

Genomenon offers evidence curation and variant classification services that can be accessed on-demand or as an extension of your own team so you can focus on faster patient diagnosis and improved treatment outcomes.

Our Services Include

Curation on Demand

Genomenon Curate Pro empowers your variant interpretation team to be even more efficient through our rapid on-demand evidence curation and variant classification services. We have the global team and the technology to reduce costs while solving your evidence curation needs, allowing your team to focus on high-value patient-facing reporting.

  • Leverages Genomenon’s AI curation engine and expert review
  • Delivers a comprehensive evidence brief for each variant, reviewing Mastermind’s 9.5 million full-text articles and 3 million supplemental data sets
  • Increases efficiencies that lower costs and decrease turnaround time
  • Allows you to scale as needed

Our Curate Pro Process

Interpretation Team Extension

With Genomenon Interpret, you'll gain access to a team of expert genomic scientists who can seamlessly integrate with your own team, adapt to your protocols, and rapidly deliver impactful results. Our team offers a high-value, cost-effective solution that enhances lab efficiency and productivity.

  • Features genomic scientists with extensive experience in the curation of germline and somatic variants
  • Follows client SOPs and delivers ACMG/AMP variant interpretation
  • Integrates with your own workflow
  • Increases efficiencies that lower costs and decrease turnaround time
  • Annual contract basis

Our Interpret Process

Meet Some of Our Clinical Curation Experts

“I feel like my curation work will actively make a difference in patients with genetic disease”

Jessica Bugarin, MS
Curation Scientist II

“Being part of the Genomenon team and an organization that is shaping the future is truly exhilarating!”

Belma Mutapcic, BS
Lead Curation Scientist

"I love that I am never stagnant in my work and there is always something to work on."

KT Curry, MS, CGC
QA Team Lead

Find out how easy it is to implement our curation services into your workflow.