Integrate comprehensive data into your pipeline

A comprehensive solution providing insights at the gene and the variant level.

Genomenon Data

Ensuring maximal accuracy and optimal sensitivity of your diagnostic interpretation pipeline

Be Data Driven

Get insights into associations between genes and diseases.

Save Time

Get comprehensive curated insights at the variant level, following ACMG guidelines.

Be Thorough

Access maximum sensitivity to reference articles using the Mastermind link.

Genomenon Data Files

Access comprehensive data that includes expertly curated gene and variant-level content with indexed variant-level data.

Curated Gene File

The Curated Gene File contains comprehensive information on over 9,000 gene-disease relationships across 6,500 genes. This file is updated on a monthly cadence and is the result of a scientific, data-driven approach by the Genomenon team, which includes a thorough review of external publications, clinical evidence, functional evidence, and more to determine classification and inheritance patterns, providing a trusted resource for understanding gene-disease relationships

Curated Variant File

This Curated Variant File provides an extensive repository of variant data for over 500 genes, adhering to ACMG guidelines to facilitate in-depth variant-level analysis for researchers. When combined with the curated gene file, it offers a unified and comprehensive platform, empowering users to access all the necessary information to interpret variants and supporting evidence in one place

Indexed Variant File

The Indexed Variant File offers highly detailed and sensitive information about genetic variants, updated quarterly for maximum accuracy. This comprehensive resource enables researchers to access variant-level data with precision, ensuring they don't miss crucial information in order to make informed decisions

Indexed Data [API]

Streamline your research workflow with automated evidence collection and real-time updates.

Access information from over 24,000,000 variants, 25,000 genes, 15,000 phenotypes, 69,000 drug therapies, and growing.

The Indexed Data API unlocks article insights, empowering users to standardize and prioritize variants of interest with ease, automate VCF annotation and complex time-based analyses, and support organizational capabilities including internal database updates.

Leveraging the Indexed Data [API] clients can ensure that they have the most up-to-date information, streamlining workflows and expediting analyses.

Standardization, Automation & Variant Prioritization

Automate evidence querying speeding their analyses and enables researchers to only analyze variants of interest

VUS Reanalysis

Retrieve updated evidence at your cadence intervals and based on specific criteria such as time

Support Internal Database Updates

Get PMIDs and article metadata after manual curation to support internal databases

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