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Interpretation of next-generation sequencing DNA data is frustratingly inefficient and error prone due to the time consuming, manual approach required to search and curate the rapidly growing body of medical literature for disease-related genes and variants.

Genomenon has replaced the manual search process in gene and variant interpretation with a genomic search engine and database of all the disease-gene-variant relationships found in the full text of the scientific literature. Our technology is revolutionizing the way genetic diagnoses and discoveries are made by making it easier to get rapid insight into prioritized, clinically relevant literature for both clinical decision making and research projects.

We started with all 30 million titles and abstracts from PubMed to find all the scientific articles with any genomic content. From there, we have indexed the full text of almost six million genomic articles to create Mastermind, a comprehensive genomic search engine that enables pathologists and geneticists to quickly and accurately curate disease-causing genes and variants from patients’ DNA datasets.

With a comprehensive genomic data set and deep insight into all of the genomic literature, we are able to provide some fascinating results – from accelerated gene and variant curation for clinicians – to evidence-based panel design – to biomarker candidates backed by literature citations for co-diagnostics and clinical trials.


Meet The Team

Mike Klein
Mike Klein CEO

With over 25 years of developing, building and growing 4 different high tech companies, Mike raised over $50M in capital and had several successful investor exits.

Mark J. Kiel MD, PhD
Mark J. Kiel MD, PhD CSO & Co-Founder

Mark has extensive experience in genome-sequencing and clinical data analysis underlying the vision and technology driving the Genomenon suite of software tools.

Steve Schwartz
Steve Schwartz CTO & Co-founder

Steve co-founded several successful web-based software start-ups. He brings to the team deep domain expertise and extensive start-up experience.

Colleen Spencer
Colleen Spencer CPA, MBA, CFO

As CFO, Colleen has guided over a half-dozen bio-tech startups through different stages of financing and investor exits.

Candace Chapman
Candace Chapman Director of Marketing

Candace has 25 years experience in marketing and communications for enterprise B2C and high-tech B2B, and brings both strategic leadership and tactical execution.

Kojo Elenitoba-Johnson, MD
Kojo Elenitoba-Johnson, MD Co-founder & Advisor

Kojo is the Director for Precision and Computational Diagnostics at University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine and President of the Association of Molecular Pathology.

Megan Lim, MD, PhD
Megan Lim, MD, PhD Co-Founder & Advisor

Megan is the Director of the Hematopathology and Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.


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We need a talented administrative expert to manage day-to-day office tasks, support senior management with administrative duties, assist with human resources activities, perform various accounting tasks, and manage our events program. The ability to juggle and prioritize multiple activities is essential in this position. The ideal candidate for this job is resourceful, flexible, a good problem solver, detail-oriented, and highly organized. We see this role as the backbone of our office. This is a full-time position based in our Ann Arbor headquarters.

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We’re seeking an “A player” Business Development Manager who is adept in developing B2B sales of new bioinformatics and NGS solutions into pharmaceutical companies.

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We’re looking for a data analyst intern who will report directly to our CSO/VP of Product Strategy. The job will be dynamic with work duties that may change over time as the company grows. Initially the job will entail manual data entry, organization and retrieval.

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We’re looking for a senior full-stack software engineer who can take direction and run with it in building out new products and new product features. This role will be involved in our entire stack, and will take ownership of the services they build.

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