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Genomenon means “born out of need” in ancient Greek. In his clinical practice and genomic research, our co-founder Dr. Mark Kiel experienced the painfully slow and time-consuming process used by the industry to manually curate patients’ DNA variants.
Genomenon was founded to address this pressing need for faster, more comprehensive variant curation, and to accelerate genomic interpretation a hundredfold.

At the time Genomenon was started, interpretation of genomic data resulting from next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) was frustratingly inefficient and error-prone due to the time consuming, manual approach required to search and analyze the rapidly growing body of medical literature for disease-related genes and variants.

To launch Genomenon, Mark found like-minded experts dedicated to connecting patient DNA data with the billions of dollars worth of medical research that was previously impossible to organize at scale, and too challenging to interpret quickly and accurately for clinical genomics.

The Genomenon team built the Mastermind Genomic Search Engine and Database, which contains all the disease-gene-variant relationships found across the scientific literature. The technology developed to accomplish this feat is revolutionizing the way genetic and cancer diagnoses and discoveries are made. Mastermind makes it easy to get rapid insight into relevant literature for clinical decision-making, genomic research, and pharmaceutical drug discovery.

Mastermind now empowers scientists and researchers at pharmaceutical companies and universities to more thoroughly understand diseases at a molecular level. Doctors in over 100 countries are using Mastermind to rapidly connect their patient’s variants with the published genomic research to more effectively treat cancer patients and diagnose babies with rare diseases


Meet The Team

Mike Klein
Mike Klein CEO

With over 25 years of developing, building and growing 4 different high tech companies, Mike raised over $50M in capital and had several successful investor exits.

Mark J. Kiel MD, PhD
Mark J. Kiel MD, PhD CSO & Co-Founder

Mark has extensive experience in genome-sequencing and clinical data analysis underlying the vision and technology driving the Genomenon suite of software tools.

Steve Schwartz
Steve Schwartz CTO & Co-founder

Steve co-founded several successful web-based software start-ups. He brings to the team deep domain expertise and extensive start-up experience.

Dave Anstey
Dave Anstey VP, Sales & Business Development

Dave has over 22 years experience selling scientific software with a track record of building successful sales teams and meaningful customer relationships.

Candace Chapman
Candace Chapman Vice President of Marketing

Candace has 25 years experience in enterprise and high-tech marketing and brings both strategic leadership and tactical execution to the team.

Colleen Spencer
Colleen Spencer CFO, CPA, MBA

As CFO, Colleen has guided over a half-dozen bio-tech startups through different stages of financing and investor exits.

Kojo Elenitoba-Johnson, MD
Kojo Elenitoba-Johnson, MD Co-founder & Advisor

Kojo is the Director for Precision and Computational Diagnostics at University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine and President of the Association of Molecular Pathology.

Megan Lim, MD, PhD
Megan Lim, MD, PhD Co-Founder & Advisor

Megan is the Director of the Hematopathology and Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

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