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Revolutionizing the way genetic discoveries are made

Empowering personalized medicine by simplifying genome interpretation

About Genomenon

Clinical interpretation of next-generation sequencing data is frustratingly inefficient and error prone due to the time consuming, manual approach required to search and curate the rapidly growing body of medical literature for disease-related genes and variants.

Genomenon has eliminated the manual search process in gene and variant curation with a scientific literature database and software tools to rapidly and autonomously prioritize the literature for use in clinical decision-making. Our technology is revolutionizing the way genetic diagnoses and discoveries are made.

We have examined the full text of millions of genomic-related articles from the scientific literature in PubMed to create Mastermind, a comprehensive genomic knowledge base that enables pathologists and geneticists to quickly and accurately curate disease-causing variants from genomic-sequencing datasets.

With the comprehensive data set and deep insight into all of the genomic literature, we are able to provide some fascinating results – from accelerated gene and variant curation for clinicians to evidence-based panel design by scouring the literature to find genes, hot-spot regions and variants tied to specific diseases within the literature.

The Leadership Team

Mike Klein


Mike is an accomplished CEO with over 20 years of experience developing, building and growing high tech, software and IT companies. He has the technical and financial background to guide businesses to meet their objectives and extensive experience in raising capital, acquisitions and delivering successful investor exits.

Mike wrote the business plan for his first company, Steeplechase Software while in the MBA program at Ross Business School and started the company shortly thereafter. Steeplechase was #89 on the Inc 500 fastest growing company list in 2000 when it was sold to Schneider Automation, a $12B international company.

Mike received his BS in Computer Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and an MS in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University.

Mark J. Kiel MD, PhD

CSO and Cofounder

Mark completed his residency in Clinical Pathology in 2014 at the University of Michigan where he was a fellow in Molecular Diagnostics. During his doctoral studies he made seminal contributions to the study of adult stem cells for which he was awarded the Weintraub International Graduate Student Award.

Dr. Kiel has extensive experience in genome-sequence data analysis and first-hand knowledge of the clinical use of these data. He serves in an advisory position to a number of research investigators and clinical diagnosticians nationwide and devised the technology underlying the Genomenon suite of software tools.

Steve Schwartz

CTO and Cofounder

Steve has co-founded several successful software start-ups as managing partner at Alfa Jango, a software development firm specializing in web-based software start-ups, and is highly involved in the open source software movement having developed and maintained several popular open source projects.

More recently, he co-founded and served as CTO for CarCode, which was acquired by in 2014. Among other projects, Steve is currently on the Ruby on Rails team maintaining jquery-ujs and jquery-rails that have been downloaded over 30 million times. He brings to the team deep domain expertise and extensive start-up experience.

Colleen Spencer


Colleen has experience as CFO with over a half-dozen startups, guiding a number of them through different stages of financing and investor exits.

Colleen is a CPA with an MBA from the University of Michigan. She started her career at Arthur Andersen & Co

Kojo S.J. Elenitoba-Johnson MD


Kojo was formerly Medical Director of Molecular Diagnostics, Proteomics and Translational Pathology and the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory at the University of Michigan. Previous positions include a fellowship at the National Institutes of Health; a professorship at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center where he was Medical Director of Molecular Hematopathology and Proteomics; and chairmanship of the Hematopathology Division for the Association for Molecular Pathology.

Dr. Elenitoba-Johnson's currently chairs several academic committees developing recommendations for appropriate implementation of genome-sequencing technology, including those organized by the American Society of Clinical Oncologists.

Megan S. Lim MD, PhD


Megan was formerly Director of the Hematopathology Division of the University of Michigan where she is a tenured professor investigating the molecular mechanisms of leukemia/lymphoma pathogenesis. Previously, Dr. Lim was Medical Director of Pediatric Molecular Pathology at ARUP Laboratories and Director of Pediatric Hematopathology at the University of Utah.

Upcoming Events

November 16-18, 2017 - AMP Annual Meeting
Association for Molecular Pathology
Genomenon Booth #1503

Poster Session: Piloting the Use of Enhanced Literature Curation Tools

Workshop: Wednesday 11/15
4:00 PM, Room 255D
Creating Evidence-based Gene Panels by Mining the Genomic Literature

Jan 22-24, 2018 - PMWC
Precision Medicine World Conference - Silicon Valley
Panel Session: Mastermind
Genomenon Booth