Biomarker Identification

Don’t miss critical biomarkers in your research

Evidence-Based Biomarker Identification

It can be a challenge to identify the target biomarkers for NGS panel and array design. All too often, a manual research process misses important biomarkers tied to a specific disease or includes poorly correlated targets that can’t be backed up with clinical evidence. Our Evidence-Based Biomarker Identification process identifies biomarker candidates for NGS panels and SNP arrays by objectively correlating genes and variants with the quality and frequency of citations in the scientific literature. The deliverable is a list of scientifically curated biomarkers associated with a specific disease including supporting citations. Contact us to learn more about how we can accelerate your next evidence-based panel design.

Scientific Curation

Our specialists review and rank the candidate biomarkers and reference citations before your final approval.

Literature Citations

Each biomarker target for your NGS panel includes the top ranking literature citations.

Download the White Paper to Learn More About Evidence-Based Biomarker Selection

Learn how to select biomarkers for an NGS panel based on evidence found in the scientific literature. This white paper shows how evidence-based gene panels are designed with an example pan-hematopoietic malignancy panel including 314 genes associated with leukemia and 311 genes associated with lymphoma.

Learn More About Selecting Biomarkers for Evidence Based NGS Panels