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April 2, 2024

Enhancing the Mastermind User Experience Through Streamlined Workflows & Expanded Content

The team at Genomenon continues to build on its product innovations with the latest release of Mastermind, designed to further help diagnostic labs speed up workflows and quickly assess evidence for patient variants.

Following the launch of the Mastermind Gene page in 2023, we turned our attention to improving literature exploration. We delved into the details through in-depth client meetings, tracking user feature requests, user testing, and consultations with subject matter experts.

We are thrilled to announce the results of those efforts in this next wave of updates with the release of Mastermind 3.1!

Sleek and redesigned interface elevates the user experience

Text matches, supplemental matches and abstracts now take centerstage, giving users ample space to explore and navigate this information. Genomenon-curated evidence and ClinVar records for a variant are now prominently located on the top left of the page, eliminating the need for additional clicks.

Expanded curated evidence expedites findings

We continue to expand the evidence provided within Mastermind so users speed their workflows by quickly triaging and reporting on actionable variants. The ACMG categories used by our curation team to establish a classification are now added to the variant information card.

Users can now find the related variants, in their new location on the right together with their pathogenicity making it easier for them to interpret variant impact.

Updated article display augments information accessibility

Articles are now displayed to the left, below the variant information card to make it more accessible and for improved clarity. The article cards display the title, abstract, date, author, gene and variant match counts. A highly sought-after user request to display the type of evidence for Genomenon curated variants, whether “Functional” or “Clinical “ is now included. For articles in the ClinVar record, we will display an NIH symbol next to the PMID in the article.

We are excited to bring you these new pages, and look forward to bringing more updates to our incredible user community. See the full release notes here.

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Dan O'Hara
Clinical Product Manager III
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