Happy 2020! We’re starting out the year with some new features in Mastermind:

Personalize Your Dashboard with Locking Panes

You can now lock detail panes open or closed to customize how you like to view the data in the Mastermind dashboard. Available for all users, simply click the lock in the top right corner of each pane and Mastermind remembers your preferences until you change it!



Filter Article Searches by Author, Journal, or Title

In the Articles pane, all users can now filter search results by a specific author, journal, or title.



Hover Features

Hover over variant rsID and IVS-nomenclature variant matches in the Full-text pane to see the corresponding HGVS cDNA nomenclatures for those variants. Likewise, users of the Advanced API can now view the same corresponding HGVS cDNA nomenclatures for rsID and IVS-nomenclature variants in the “Article Info” endpoint of the API.



New Article-Centric Focus View

Professional Edition users can now choose between the default dashboard view and the new Focus View, which includes article, PubMed, and full text panes in a format that accelerates some workflows. Toggle between Full Detail View and Focus View in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard.



Report Feedback Feature

Do you have feedback for specific variants in our data? Let us know by clicking “More Info” next to that variant in the Variants pane, and then “Report feedback”.



We also made several performance improvements and bug-fixes within the search interface, including fixes for Internet Explorer.

The statistics on how Mastermind compares to other search tools have been updated as well. Below is a quick view. We continue to far outstrip any other source for genomic evidence, which means our users can be confident that they are searching the most comprehensive database with the smartest algorithms to get the best results.


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