We’re continuously improving your overall genomic search experience with Mastermind Free Edition. In the last 3 months, we have increased the article content of Mastermind, improved the quality of the search results, squashed a number of bugs and made over 150 improvements and upgrades to the core of the search engine.  This includes a direct link-out to Google Scholar to enhance your search capability.

We’ve also made several updates to the user interface that are worth highlighting.

Improved Clinical Relevance of Search Results

Mastermind Genomic Search Engine Updates – December 2017

We have implemented a new clinical relevance score to replace the association score for search result prioritization. The clinical relevance score takes into account the disease, gene, variant and keyword frequency; position within an article; the distance between selected key terms; journal quality; and the extent of genetic topicality in each individual article. The search results still return every matched article but prioritize the list by the clinical relevance score in a way that better prioritizes the articles you have been looking for.

Additional PubMed Data Fields

Mastermind Genomic Search Engine Updates – December 2017

The PubMed Data window now displays additional data fields from PubMed including the “MeSH”, “Genes” and “Substances” data fields. This addition allows you to see more of the summary information for each article within Mastermind.

Mastermind Genomic Search Engine Updates – December 2017

We’ve included a hyperlink to continue your search with Google Scholar in the Article List menu.  Your search parameters including disease, gene, variant and key terms are passed to Google Scholar and a new tab is opened with the Google Scholar search results. This is useful to corroborate relevant content or expand your search to other sources that Google may have found.

You can now move from article to article within an article list using the article toggle buttons. This feature allows users to quickly view the match counts and relevant sentence fragments from each article in rapid succession.

All of these features are available in the Mastermind Genomic Search Engine Free Edition.

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