Thank you for being a part of the Mastermind Community. In addition to adding up to 20,000 new articles a week to our Genomic Search Engine, we are committed to continuously improving the Mastermind search algorithms and product capabilities.

We have made significant improvements to the data quality and user experience of Mastermind, and we are grateful for the feedback of users like you. Several recent improvements are highlighted below.

  • The search interface for diseases, genes, and variants has been improved with a number of new features, including improved drop-down suggestions for diseases and genes as well as expanded auto-complete capabilities
  • The sentence fragment layout has been improved, including an option to show all sentence matches in a combined view for genes, variants, and keywords
  • A new quick-link out to Google Scholar has been added, pre-populated with exhaustive search strings, so you can perform additional searches on diseases, genes, and variants with a single click

Mastermind Search for rad51c

  • Through our partnership with Saphetor, gene and variant searches now have quick-links into VarSome so you can examine publicly available databases for positional, population, and computational information of interest
  • Upstream and downstream variants (“ugv” and “dgv” respectively) as well as intronic variants (“int”), splice acceptor (“sa”), and splice donor (“sd”) variants are now supported
  • SNVs identified in articles by rsID are now being indexed, and a beta-release of the search function for rsIDs associated with genes is available by simply typing the rsID into the Variant search field after selecting the variant’s gene

Mastermind PMID search

  • For those not using the recommended Chrome browser, we have improved the compatibility with Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, and Microsoft Edge
    We’re continuing to invest a great deal into making significant improvements in search results specificity
    You’ll also see improvements to the interface throughout the application for a better user experience

We would love to hear feedback on these improvements and suggestions for more. Please share your thoughts with us in our Mastermind Survey.