We’ve added several new feature capabilities to the Mastermind Professional Edition including Boolean, Combinatorial Search, Mastermind Alerts Dashboard, VCF File Processing, and Keyword Sentence View.

1) A Powerful New Boolean Search Capability: Search on Multiple Diseases, Genes and/or Variants at Once

Mastermind Professional Edition Feature Updates – December 2017

At the request of a number of our users, we have added Boolean Search capability to the Professional version of Mastermind. This advanced feature allows you to refine your search results by searching across multiple diseases, genes and variants using “AND” and “OR” Boolean operators to restrict or expand your searches in Mastermind.

This is a powerful way to determine whether a unique variant combination has ever been published in the same article, if a gene affects multiple diseases, or find papers that tie a disease to multiple genes or variants.

To enable Boolean Search, click on “Enable Advanced Search” underneath the standard Mastermind search fields.

2. Mastermind Alerts: A New User Dashboard to Manage Your Literature Citation Alerts

Mastermind Professional Edition Feature Updates – December 2017

Mastermind Alerts allows you to stay apprised of newly published literature mentioning a Disease, Gene and/or Variant of interest. As Mastermind scans PubMed each week for new genomic articles and then indexes the full text of those articles, Alerts allow you to be updated for any new articles that Mastermind finds that meets your alert criteria.

We have implemented a new Alerts dashboard to allow you to organize and keep track of all your Mastermind Alerts results. To access, navigate to the Alerts Dashboard in the “My Account” drop-down window.

3. Mastermind VCF: Upload Entire VCF Files for Mastermind Annotation

We recently launched Mastermind VCF in beta to use Mastermind in batch mode for annotating clinical and research sequencing data. Uploading VCF files through this portal will annotate each variant with the number of citations for that variant in the Mastermind database, as well as providing a hyperlink into Mastermind for that variant. This can streamline the use of Mastermind for high-volume searches.

4. Keyword Sentences by Category

If you rely on the category key term sentences matches, you can now display the sentences that match a selected category or key term of interest. This update makes it more efficient to find the key evidence based on category keywords within each article.

These features are all available in the Mastermind Genomic Search Engine Professional Edition.

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