The latest update to the Mastermind Genomic Search Engine includes enhancements to the search functionality, which provides a more effective and intuitive search experience.


When adding your search terms to Mastermind, the display interface has been updated with a more intuitive experience to show you ‘hints’ as you’re typing. For example, Mastermind can detect whether you’re entering a cDNA, rsID, or genomic coordinate and can inform your variant search with valid suggestions.

Mastermind’s new variant hints provide context for recognizable variant formats to prevent second-guessing and avoid typos when searching, giving you confidence that you’re searching for the right variant.


When rapidly working through multiple searches, Mastermind now saves you a click. Previously, searching a gene and then searching a new gene required first deleting the previous gene by clicking the “x” and then typing the new gene. Now, typing and selecting a new gene will automatically replace the last gene.

Alternatively, holding shift while selecting the new gene will add the new gene as a boolean search (for Professional Edition users). Other search types work in the same way, for genes, variants, CNVs, diseases, phenotypes, and therapies.


We’re always improving the user experience for Mastermind, and we welcome your thoughts at

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