We have just released a major update to Search Companion, our Chrome extension for Mastermind. Key elements of this enhancement include functionality on eight new platforms, a more intuitive interface with deeper data, plus access is now available to all Chrome users, including those without a Mastermind account.

More Answers Within Any Existing Variant Search Process

Mastermind Search Companion is a Google Chrome extension that seamlessly integrates the Mastermind Genomic Search Engine with the online resources variant analysts already use. Search Companion enhances genomic variant interpretation workflow by allowing users to:

  • See Mastermind article counts displayed on any of 16 platforms
  • Explore more article results in greater depth with one-click access to Mastermind
  • Get a direct link to the article in Mastermind for each search result in Google Scholar
  • Easily select which databases to use with Mastermind Search Companion

Download Mastermind Search Companion on the Chrome Web Store

When researching variants, analysts must resolve a variety of different nomenclatures and variables. No one does that better than Mastermind, so we brought Mastermind to the places you search!

8 New Platforms and an Enhanced Interface

The launch of this new version brings three significant updates to Search Companion:

  1. A new side tab with sliding drawer to show more info about the search in Mastermind
  2. Adding these new sites:
    1. ClinVar
    2. dbSNP
    3. NCBI
    4. GeneCards
    5. UCSC Browser
    6. VarSome
    7. Gnomad
    8. SNPedia
  3. Access to this extension is now available to all Chrome users, including those without a Mastermind account

100X More Genomic Evidence and 20X More Variants

  • Easily view key info in the new app interface with a sliding drawer tab and links to the evidence in Mastermind
  • Speed up your existing workflow without having to change it with the integrated display of Mastermind data in a variety of platforms you already use
  • Find more articles for your search when using ClinVar, VarSome, GeneCards, Google Scholar, Google, UCSC Browser, dbSNP, NCBI, Gnomad, SNPedia, CIViC, COSMIC, HGMD, OMIM, and OncoKB by tapping into Mastermind data
  • Quickly compare Mastermind gene and variant search results with results from the other platforms—a comparison we almost always win

Download Mastermind Search Companion on the Chrome Web Store
If you already use Search Companion, your extension will update automatically—so you can enjoy these new features right away.

We’re always excited to show new developments in Mastermind, however big or small, and to provide insight into our workflow for improving your workflow. As always, please reach out to us with your feedback and ideas.

See the updates for yourself by creating your Mastermind account to start searching or connect with us about multiple licenses or an extended trial for your team.

About Mastermind
The Mastermind Genomic Search Engine identifies every genomic association supported by the medical evidence, drawing informative connections between genes, variants, copy number variants (CNVs), diseases, phenotypes, therapies, and categorical keywords to inform both clinical care and drug discovery. By allowing users to find, connect, explore, and understand the links between genomic concepts of interest, Mastermind elevates the efficiency and accuracy of the clinical decision-making process.