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“Using Mastermind enhances our ability to provide clinicians at the bedside with important relevant information about known treatments and interventions.”
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Stephen Kingsmore, MD, DSc | President and CEO
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Mastermind Professional Edition


ACMG, Clinical Category, and Keyword Filters

Filter your search results by ACMG and AMP criteria, clinical categories (such as functional studies, population data, or pedigrees), and keywords found within each article (such as prognosis, diagnosis, therapy, mechanism of action and inheritance patterns) with Mastermind Professional Edition.


Advanced Search

With Boolean search capabilities, you can search across multiple diseases, genes and/or variants. Mastermind Professional Edition also lets you to narrow your search by keywords.


Unlimited Searches

Mastermind Professional Edition lets you search for all the genomic articles associated with any disease-gene-variant search criteria. You can also search for genes associated in the literature with a specific disease and diseases associated with a specific gene.


Deeper Insight with Full Text Matches

Dive deeper into your searches to see the full text sentence matches for each gene and variant. This valuable feature provides time-saving insight to help you select the right articles to focus on.


Unlimited Alerts

Set up alerts for new genomic articles and publications that match your disease, gene, or variant and get an email when new evidence is added to Mastermind.


VCF File Annotation

Mastermind can annotate VCF files to accelerate your caseload. Annotation includes article count, a hyperlink for each variant in the VCF file (to quickly see if literature has been found on your variant), and a link to review search results in Mastermind.