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Direct Links to Mastermind

The Mastermind Genomic Search Engine supports structured URLs, which allows fast and easy deep-linking into search results for a given disease, gene, and/or variant.

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Mastermind Cited Variants Reference

The Mastermind Cited Variants Reference (CVR) contains the number of articles for each variant cited in the medical literature. This information can be used as an evidence filter for clinical actionability in genomic analysis pipelines (based on presence or lack of evidence in the literature) and a quick way to link into the Mastermind Genomic Search Engine.

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Mastermind API

The Mastermind base API uses search parameters to get number of publications found and a hyperlink directly to the search results. An Advanced API is also available to access the wealth of genomic knowledge and relationships in the Mastermind database.

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Mastermind VCF File Annotation

You can annotate a VCF file through our APIs. The basic annotation adds two fields to the VCF file with number of citations found for each variant and a hyperlink directly to the Mastermind Search results for each variant. The advanced API can be configured to provide deeper insight into each variant including publication IDs (PMIDs) and publications from a specific date for patient lookbacks.

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