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Find Genomic Evidence Fast

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Quickly uncover and interpret novel variants with useful gene and variant summary information, as well as a constantly expanding catalog of pre-classified variants


Have confidence you will identify more disease-causing variants by reviewing all relevant articles using patented variant- and gene-matching algorithms


Streamline workflows by rapidly triaging variants to focus on known disease-causing genes, reducing the number of resources and steps needed


Mastermind’s new Gene Information Page puts comprehensive gene information and ACMG gene-wide parameters for interpretation of novel and known disease-causing variants in large panels/whole exomes/genomes at your fingertips, so you can find the answers you need from just one platform.


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Are you confident you have all the information you need for variant interpretation?

A 2020 Study reported that laboratories disagreed on a variant’s classification 46% of the time, with 23% of those discrepancies being clinically impactful. Access to comprehensive gene and variant evidence for ACMG interpretation is critical for proper diagnosis.

Are you confident you have all the information you need for variant interpretation?

Why is searching for genomic literature so hard?

Legacy Nomenclature Makes Evidence Hard to Find

More than 74% of the genomic variants in publications are still in non-normalized forms1, making citations hard to find

Why is searching for genomic literature so hard?

Data is Hidden in the Body and Supplemental Text

Fewer than 6% of variants are identified in the title or abstract, the remainder present in the full-text or supplemental files1.

Why is searching for genomic literature so hard?

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A recent study showed that Mastermind is the most comprehensive source of published genomic literature. Read the paper.

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Nikoletta Sidiropoulos, MD<br>University of Vermont Health Network

I don’t consider a patient’s report complete unless every variant has been researched through Mastermind.

Nikoletta Sidiropoulos, MD
University of Vermont Health Network
Stephen Kingsmore, MD DSc<br>Rady Children's Institute for Genomic Medicine

Using Mastermind enhances our ability to provide clinicians at the bedside with important relevant information about known treatments and interventions.

Stephen Kingsmore, MD DSc
Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine
Lipika Ray, PhD<br>Rare Genomics Institute

I can say with certainty that without the findings obtained from Mastermind, I would not have been able to provide a diagnosis for my patient.

Lipika Ray, PhD
Rare Genomics Institute

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