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DNASTAR Integrates Genomenon Mastermind Database for Human Variant Analysis

November 17, 2020 MADISON, WI

DNASTAR Integrates Genomenon Mastermind Database for Human Variant Analysis

DNASTAR® announced today the integration of the Mastermind database from Genomenon into the Lasergene Genomics software with the release of Lasergene® 17.2.

With this integration, Lasergene users can now search and cross-reference NGS variant data from millions of PubMed publications. This searching and filtering capability is complemented by DNASTAR’s robust visualization and analysis tools for resequencing and human variant detection. Mastermind literature citations are included in the DNASTAR Variant Annotation Database and are available with every Lasergene Genomics license.

This integration gives researchers new insights into their variant data and allows for even faster discoveries for those studying human genetics, cancer, and rare diseases. “There is a natural synergy between DNASTAR’s Lasergene Genomics package and the Genomenon Mastermind database,” said Shawn Grass, Interim General Manager at DNASTAR. “Mastermind’s vast annotation database provides our genomics software customers with answers about which gene variations are most likely to negatively affect health. The next wave of insights and treatment for disease will be driven by cross-institutional collaborations like this one.”



Genomenon is a genomics intelligence company dedicated to improving the quality of life of genetic disease and cancer patients by making genomic information actionable. Blending the power of AI with the precision of genomic expertise, the company empowers pharmaceutical companies and the clinical diagnostic community with empirical genomic evidence and insights that both support the development of novel therapeutics and speed diagnostic assessments and treatment recommendations.


DNASTAR, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin, (www.dnastar.com) is a pioneer in the development and sale of software used to increase life scientists’ productivity using their desktop computer or on the Amazon Cloud. DNASTAR Lasergene supports molecular biologists, geneticists, and structural biologists in meeting virtually all of their DNA, RNA, and protein sequence needs, including Sanger and next-generation sequence assembly and analysis, protein sequence and structure analysis, protein structure prediction, antibody modeling, and protein-protein docking with easy-to-use, affordable, flexible computer software.

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