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LifeOmic Leverages Genomenon’s Mastermind Genomic Search Engine for Variant Interpretation

LifeOmic Leverages Genomenon’s Mastermind Genomic SearchEngine for Variant Interpretation

LifeOmic Partners with Genomenon to Streamline Genomic Interpretation of Whole Genomes 

ANN ARBOR, Mich – October 18, 2017 – LifeOmic has signed an agreement with Genomenon to use the Mastermind Genomic Search Engine to streamline clinical interpretation of LifeOmic’s genome sequencing data. Through this partnership, LifeOmic will automate prioritization of their genome sequencing data for clinical patients by annotating disease-causing variants with citations from relevant biomedical literature. By providing immediate insight into published scientific literature, Mastermind speeds the variant interpretation process by helping scientists at LifeOmic decide which variants are likely associated with disease and important for clinical care and which are likely benign and can be safely ignored.

Dramatic advances in DNA sequencing technology hold great promise for personalized medicine, but challenges remain. As the cost and time associated with sequencing decrease, the industry is faced with the daunting challenge of how to store and analyze vast amounts of patient data to drive physicians’ decisions on diagnosis and treatment. LifeOmic has built a proprietary analytic platform with advanced informatics to process and analyze a patient’s whole genome to unlock the tremendous value hidden within this data.

Mastermind connects patients’ DNA mutations with citations from the scientific literature to understand the clinical impact of each mutation. Having indexed over 5.5 million scientific articles for every disease, gene and variant, Mastermind comprehensively identifies all clinically relevant and prioritized articles.

LifeOmic and Genomenon are co-presenting “Faster, Comprehensive Variant Curation For Whole Genome Sequencing” on Wednesday October 18th at the American Society of Human Genetics to formally announce their partnership. Tom Barber, CSO at LifeOmic, will present how LifeOmic is using DNA sequencing, big data analytics andMastermind to advance the development of precision medicine.


Genomenon is a genomics intelligence company dedicated to improving the quality of life of genetic disease and cancer patients by making genomic information actionable. Blending the power of AI with the precision of genomic expertise, the company empowers pharmaceutical companies and the clinical diagnostic community with empirical genomic evidence and insights that both support the development of novel therapeutics and speed diagnostic assessments and treatment recommendations.


LifeOmic is a rapidly growing technology company pioneering the use of DNA sequencing and big data analytics to advance the development of precision medicine. The LifeOmic Precision Medicine Platform™ is a secure cloud service for the long-term storage, retrieval, analysis and clinical use of genomic and other medical information. LifeOmic’s founder and CEO Don Brown, MD is one of Indiana’s most successful entrepreneurs. Dr. Brown founded two of the first three software companies in Indiana to be publicly traded on NASDAQ. For more information, visit www.lifeomic.com.

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