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2024 Mastermind Genomic Intelligence Platform User Group Meeting

2024 Mastermind User Group Meeting

Our latest Mastermind Virtual User Group on June 20, 2024 welcomed experts and fellow Mastermind users to share insights, collaborate and explore Mastermind’s capabilities and features.

Key takeaways:

  • Engaging sessions - from our inspiring keynote to informative breakout sessions we have a series of discussions designed to ignite conversation and expand your knowledge and mastery of the platform.  
  • Connecting with peers - Connect with peers online to hear how they use Mastermind.
  • Influencing the future - whether you are a seasoned veteran or a first-time user, your voice matters. This is your chance to impact how the product is shaped. 

Agenda highlights:

  • Keynote Presentation - Watch we kick off the Mastermind user group meeting with an exciting Keynote presentation. We are honored to have as our speaker
    Dr. William Lowery, CEO of Limb and Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Foundation and Registry. Dr. Lowery will share with us his journey in working with patients with LGMD disorders and the impact of data-driven insights in the practice of clinical medicine. 
  • Learning - Hands-on training with our team of Mastermind specialists.
  • Wrap up - Join Dr. Mark Kiel, Founder and  CSO and Brittnee Jones, VP, Prod Strategy & Product Management as they share with you Genomenon’s vision and strategy from our Mastermind & curation services to our exciting acquisition of CKB! 

We look forward to seeing you at the Mastermind User Group meeting and sharing an enriching experience together! 

Denice Belandres
Customer Success Manager

Denice provides technical support and training to Mastermind users at all levels. With a background in germline variant analysis and preimplantation genetics in clinical NGS labs, she turns feedback into function, enabling implementation of Mastermind for a variety of clinical use-cases.

Jeffrey Bissonnette
Senior Director of Genomic Curation

With a background in genetic counseling, Jeffrey brings over a decade of experience in clinical genetics, variant interpretation, and software tools for variant analysis.

Jessica Farmer Bugarin
Curation Scientist II

Jessica is a highly accomplished Curation Scientist II at Genomenon, bringing a wealth of expertise in the field of genetics and genomics. With a deep-seated commitment to advancing genomic research, Jessica has dedicated her career to making meaningful contributions in the areas of rare diseases, oncology, and genomics as a whole. Her work at Genomenon showcases her proficiency in curating and analyzing genetic data with precision and insight.

Keynote Speaker
Dr. William Lowery, MD
Pulmonary and Critical Care Physician, Alameda Hospital, CEO, CEO of Limb and Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Foundation

Dr. William Lowery, MD is a seasoned Pulmonary and Critical Care physician at Alameda Hospital with a passion for improving patient care and advancing medical research. He is also the Chairman and Founder of the LGMD1D DNAJB6 Foundation and Autosomal Dominant Registry, a 501 c3 (www.lgmd1d.org). As the chairman and founder of the LGMD Foundation, he has greatly helped raise awareness, and provide support for affected individuals. In addition to his clinical and research work, Dr. Lowery is a ClinGen LGMD VCEP curator in training.

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