Mastermind Genomic Search Engine Updates – March 2018

Thank you for being a part of the Mastermind Community. In addition to adding up to 20,000 new articles a week to our Genomic Search Engine, we are committed to continuously improving the Mastermind search algorithms and product capabilities.

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Google Scholar vs. Mastermind: Variant Interpretation Comparison

In the test described below, the Mastermind Genomic Search Engine was found to have several meaningful advantages over Google Scholar as a tool for searching genomic evidence, reducing the amount of time required to curate a variant and resulting in fewer missed articles containing evidence for the variant. Users who searched Mastermind as part of this experiment felt more confident that they had found all of the relevant literature to form the most accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.

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Top Cited Genomic Variants in 2017 – Highlighting EGFR p.C797S

Original version of this post was previously published on the Enlightenbio Blog on January 1, 2018 by Brigitte Ganter. 

Dr. Mark Kiel (CSO and co-Founder at Genomenon) and Lauren Chunn (Data Processing Analyst at Genomenon) were able to mine the Mastermind database of genomic variants and analyze the trending citations of widely covered variants in the medical literature – including one of the most notable variants: EGFR p.C797S.

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Free Text Variant Search With Mastermind 1.10

With version 1.10, Mastermind now features a free text variant search field. Mastermind users can enter flexible variant nomenclatures including cDNA changes for both coding and non-coding variants in their search.

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Mastermind Professional Edition Feature Updates – December 2017

We’ve added several new feature capabilities to the Mastermind Professional Edition including Boolean, Combinatorial Search, Mastermind Alerts Dashboard, VCF File Processing, and Keyword Sentence View.

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Mastermind Genomic Search Engine Updates – December 2017

We’re continuously improving your overall genomic search experience with Mastermind Free Edition. In the last 3 months, we have increased the article content of Mastermind, improved the quality of the search results, squashed a number of bugs and made over 150 improvements and upgrades to the core of the search engine.  This includes a direct link-out to Google Scholar to enhance your search capability.

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