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Mastermind Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide will walk you through the basics of Mastermind.

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How to Search by Disease

Find all the literature mentioning a disease-gene association.

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How to Search by Gene

Find diseases and variants associated with a particular gene.

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How to Search by Variants

Find all publications associated with a specific genetic variant.

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How to Find Related Variants

Find related variants and the biological impact of a VUS.

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How to Use Advanced Search

Use the advanced search features to get the most out of Mastermind.

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Mastermind Video Tutorials

Get Started

Walk through the log-in and initial search process.

Search Results

See the detailed features of the Mastermind Genomic Search Engine that will help you to rapidly explore the literature matching your search results.

Search by Variant

Explore the features of Mastermind that will help you to rapidly explore the variants matching your search results.

Using Filters

Learn how to prioritize and filter the articles in your search results.

Advanced Features

Utilize Boolean searches, Mastermind Alerts, VCF annotation, and the Mastermind API.

Full Training Webinar

Dr. Mark Kiel walks through the entire Mastermind Genomic Search Engine, including setup, search, and special features.

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