Just for fun today, I asked our team to share some things only Genomic Scientists would find funny. Here’s what I got:

Excel changing the SEPT9 gene to September 9th.

I find myself wondering how SRY was named. “SRY for your man-gene”?
Surely there was a better acronym, maybe APLGY?

The largest gene in the genome in terms of total exon length is the TITAN gene (TTN)

You can instantly disappoint/enrage a variant scientist by showing them this: c.197His

Question: What’s this? “GUCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”
Answer: An mRNA molecule falling off a cliff

(bonus points if the first thing that came to mind was a poly(A) tail)

Funny/Strange: Pokemon causes cancer. POK erythroid myeloid ontogenic, that is.

The fact that all X-Men seem to have gain of function mutations.

When people say, “That DNA looks human”.

And one thing that Genomic Scientists find annoying: Being asked by your friends, “Is what you do like 23andme?”

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