Mastermind Genomic Search Engine Updates – December 2017

We’re continuously improving your overall genomic search experience with Mastermind Free Edition. In the last 3 months, we have increased the article content of Mastermind, improved the quality of the search results, squashed a number of bugs and made over 150 improvements and upgrades to the core of the search engine.  This includes a direct link-out to Google Scholar to enhance your search capability.

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Mastermind API Supports Automated Variant Curation Workflows

Mastermind supports the ability to generate queries via API calls to take users to selected content in Mastermind based on disease, gene, variant and PubMed identification number (PMID). This post details how to make an API call for disease, gene, variant and/or specific article.

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Automating Genetic Literature Searches in Excel

Mastermind supports the ability to generate queries based on URL variables, which can be easily manipulated in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel. This post detail how to programmatically generate URLS in a spreadsheet software.

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