Our team is always excited when a new partner integrates with Mastermind, and I’m pleased to share that enGenome has integrated Mastermind Genomic Search Engine results into its eVai variant interpretation platform.

How to View Mastermind Genomic Evidence from eVai

By combining artificial intelligence with ACMG-AMP guidelines, eVai classifies and prioritizes every genomic variant for pathogenicity, suggesting all the possible related genetic diagnoses. The accurate prioritization allows researchers to focus on the smallest interesting set of variants.

As an eVai user, you can now preview the number of published articles related to your search, and then easily link out to view the evidence in Mastermind. If you haven’t used eVai before, you can learn more here.

Here’s how you can link to Mastermind results in eVai:

Step 1.

After logging into eVai, begin your search in the variant browser.

Step 2. 

On any detail display, click on the Publications tab.

Step 3.

Click the linkout to view the list of publications in Mastermind.

Step 4.

View the list of publications in Mastermind.


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To learn more about our integration with eVai, read the press release.