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We’re currently recruiting for the following positions. Check back often for new opportunities.

We are seeking a highly-motivated, extroverted scientist with a passion for helping others embrace new technology.  Successful candidates will have basic knowledge of genetics, next generation sequencing and variant interpretation, as well as an understanding of fundamental computer science and programming concepts and RESTful API programming. 

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We are growing quickly and are in need of a Sr. Accountant to support the Accounting/Finance department goals and the Genomenon company objectives. The ideal candidate will be able to assist in all areas of Accounting/Finance needed at a growing tech startup.

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Job Overview: This position will be a key contributor to the sales team for Genomenon to achieve our revenue growth goals. This position requires a sales-savvy, highly energetic person with experience in NGS and bioinformatics solution sales to help drive the company’s sales efforts. Initially, this role will be an individual contributor position reporting directly to the VP of Sales and Business Development. Over time, the position has the potential to grow into a full-time sales management role as our sales team expands. The Key focus of this role is to sell into clinical genetics testing labs at both Hospitals and commercial organizations. What We’re Looking For: An “A player” Sales person who is adept in all aspects of B2B sales with experience building a sales pipeline to successful close of business to achieve the company’s revenue goals. Prior sales management experience is an asset as we grow our business. You will have an opportunity to play a key role for the company to achieve its goals and will have access to the rest of the leadership team to help us build an industry leading company.

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We are seeking a genetics savvy, highly-motivated manager with a passion for genomics and building successful relationships with our genetic testing lab customers. Successful candidates will have a genetics background and must be social, analytical, possess an aptitude for learning and using new software, and be able to communicate clearly and effectively.

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We’re looking for a genomic variant scientist who will report directly to our CSO/VP of Project Management to curate scientific literature and interpret genetic variants for clinical and pharmaceutical clients.

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We’re looking for a senior full-stack software developer who can take direction and run with it, building out new and existing products and features. This role will be involved in our entire stack, and will take ownership of the services they build.

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Genomenon delivers genome interpretation software used for clinical diagnostics in cancer and genetic diseases. Mastermind is our comprehensive knowledge-base built on mining millions of medical publications that automatically finds correlations between genes, variants and diseases tied to the primary scientific literature required for clinical diagnosis.

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