Top Cited Genomic Variants in 2017 – Highlighting EGFR p.C797S

Original version of this post was previously published on the Enlightenbio Blog on January 1, 2018 by Brigitte Ganter. 

Dr. Mark Kiel (CSO and co-Founder at Genomenon) and Lauren Chunn (Data Processing Analyst at Genomenon) were able to mine the Mastermind database of genomic variants and analyze the trending citations of widely covered variants in the medical literature – including one of the most notable variants: EGFR p.C797S.

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First Automated Blood Cancer Gene Panel Published

At an AMP 2017 Corporate Workshop on Wednesday, November 15th, Dr. Mark Kiel announced the details of the first automated, evidence-based pan-hematopoietic malignancy blood cancer gene panel.

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Genomenon Disrupts NGS Industry with Free Genomic Search Engine

Genomenon disrupted the NGS Industry by offering a free edition of the Mastermind Genomic Search Engine at the ASHG conference last month and it has announced it will extend the invitation to AMP 2017.

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LifeOmic Streamlines Genomic Interpretation of Whole Genome Sequencing with Mastermind

LifeOmic has signed an agreement with Genomenon to use the Mastermind Genomic Search Engine to streamline clinical interpretation of LifeOmic’s Precision Medicine Platform for genome sequencing data.

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Genomenon Announces Free Edition of Mastermind Genomic Search Engine

Free Comprehensive Genomic Search Engine for Genomic Professionals and Academic Researchers

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An Automated Genomic Knowledge Base

The challenge of translating genomic knowledge from the medical literature into clinical insight in order to drive diagnostic decisions is the focus of Genomenon’s poster presentation at AGBT (Advances in Genome Biology and Technology) 2017 General Meeting this week in Hollywood, Florida.

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