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Office Hours

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Live Q&A Webinar

We’ve heard your requests for more training and tips on making the most out of Mastermind’s powerful capabilities, so we invite you to step virtually into the office of the Mastermind team and ask your burning questions about anything Mastermind. In this freeform event, our Mastermind expert Denice Belandres will answer user questions and demonstrate how to use Mastermind to interrogate the published genomic literature without missing evidence and wasting time. You Will Learn:
  • How to expedite your workflow with Mastermind’s Genomic Intelligence
  • How to more quickly narrow your search with Mastermind’s filters and features
  • Answers to the questions you and other Mastermind users submit
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Featured Mastermind Expert

Denice Belandres

Field Application Scientist
Denice provides technical support and training to Mastermind users at all levels. With a background in germline variant analysis and preimplantation genetics in clinical NGS labs, she turns feedback into function, enabling implementation of Mastermind for a variety of clinical use-cases.